how to be a car attendant

I have odd jobs here and there, they’ll be times where I am working at the bar for Paramore to sticking squares of linol for a sample booklet to being a car attendant for a race day.

This day was the car attendant day. My advice to any future car attendants is that a big rimmed hat is essential. No matter how stupid you might look, sun protection overrides looking cool and trust me you will die without a hat.

Secondly lots and lots of sunscreen do not underestimate the power of sunscreen, this is your savour and will help you to NOT look like a red lobster by the end of the day.

Remember your big fluoro yellow vest, your job is to direct cars to parking and the last thing you want is to be run over by a car! it might not fit you and you might look lame but this is your job so deal with it.

After this is done and you have been allocated to your parking spot whether it will be members parking or public parking. Get water ASAP, when i was working it was probably a good 35 degrees and in a carpark surrounded by concrete and no shade. Water is important more than ever.  Your supervisor should have a crate of chilled water, treat it like gold – you would have never been as thankful for water ever in your life then you are today.

So as i have explained you either might be in public parking for the general public, or members parking for the people that love their horses and then there is a step up from this and this is members reserved parking, they will have important orange squares they will flash you. Now listen carefully, these orange square holders are the BIG DEAL, they pay a grand a year for their parking spot and so they would like to think this is guaranteed parking!! Do NOT let some sneaky general public car park in a members reserved spot and trust me they do try! If you do you will be slapped by an orange square followed by a very angry big deal person yelling at you and if you want to be paid today i advise this is not a good idea.

So you have to be on your guard, and allocating parking might seem like a pointless job but some cars really need direction, put your arms out clearly to show them where the available parking is, the idea is to fill these parking spots in rows. So the row closest to the entrance gets filled first, then the second row, then the third etc. Let the cars file next to each other, this makes your job easier to deal with and it looks neat.

Some cars however might decide not to listen to your outstretched left hand pointing to your neatly filed parking spots and park somewhere unneccesary and random. Youll get annoyed because they have fucked up your neatly filed parking spots but just leave them be, keep your head down and point for the next car.

Keep filling up your water bottle and reapplying your sunscreen.

Get each car to park the same way. It makes it looks neat and once its time for them to go home they will file out easily. So if you want all the cars to pull in make every car do that. Youll get the random one that will decide to reverse park.

Theres nothing else much to it, apart from spending a big chunk of time just standing there but once you get over that part you might have a good day being a car attendant



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