i’ve disappeared off the blog scene.

i havent blogged in ages and the posts on my blogspot and tumblr don’t count. i mean posts on personal thoughts etc havent been done in a long long time. so the natural question that arises from my disappearance off wordpress is why.

why dont i blog anymore? and the truth is i dont really know.

i dont know if i have anything worth blogging about that is worth anyone else reading. i dont know if i want my own personal thoughts to actually be out there for everyone and anyone to read. to read all my insecurities and my own realisations in life.

hmm.. maybe if i didnt have a facebook i will probably feel the need to share, that i realised new things about life, friendship and love. but facebook shows what i did everywhere even if it is not my own doing, someone else would have tagged me somewhere. so what is left? i dont know if im comfortable with this extreme display of openness on the internet for all my friends to see by an instant click?

my own personal thoughts and realisations that make conversations so much more interesting in real life. i want people to try with me, to make an effort to know what is inside my head, my newest thoughts and newest conclusions.

or maybe im just being an idiot.

i started blogging years ago. myspace came in myspace was out in comes facebook why would that change anything?

isnt that the point of blogging to share with the world my thoughts and opinions and lets face it. no one would really read this anyway.

so why do i have a sudden problem of being so open with facebook, id delete if i could. no actually i would not. i like checking in and sharing the odd photo now and then.

so what the hell is my problem?

lets face it.

if i eventually figure out a post worth blogging about i will do it. im not saying i wont blog ever again. i will. eventually. maybe even tommorow. when i figure it out and get over my writers block ill write a post soon.


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