The Present

Three minutes of seeing nothing but black, makes time seem so much slower.

“Okay open your eyes.”

I slowly opened my eyes and instantly squinted from the sun. I put my hand over my eyes to try to make out where the voice was. My eyes suddenly adjusted and in front of me Aiden was standing proudly wearing a huge grin, stretching his arms out to both me and Jeanice.

“What is it?” I asked. Knowing Aiden he could be holding anything in those fists. A dead bug, a leaf he picked up from the shrub behind him, or just simply nothing just to hype us all up for nothing.

“No really you’ll like it, it’s the best idea I’ve ever had!” I looked to Jeanice to see if she had any idea, or to just even exchange a ‘what is it’ sort of look. I held out my hand to catch whatever would fall from Aidens warm palms. A small piece of purple metal fell into my hand.

It was a ring and on top “Forever!” was written in pink. “What is  it?” asked Jeanice looking at a ring that looked similar to mine, it was then that I noticed he was wearing the same purple ring as he given us. It was a friendship ring that was just for three people. Best Friends Forever.

I stared at my “Forever!” ring. “Wow” I said as I tried to match Aidens enthusiasm. “You really shouldn’t have gone through the trouble, really.”


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