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House of Cards

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This year has been a lot of change. Which gives me a sweet reminder that everything in your life is always prone to change, and what seems solid and stable in life actually isn’t. With one wrong move the house of cards can instantly collapse… Just hope a friend is there to help you pick up the pieces.


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So I am back.

You’ve heard that before right? But I remembered you wordpress today for some reason. “Elizabeth you do remember you used to have a blog? Is it still there? Has wordpress deleted it because of your inactivity? You better check!” I freaked out and jumped straight onto my blog, which with much relief was still online!

This must be the feeling when girls used to find their old diaries under their mattress or wherever their secret hiding spot was. It’s wierd to say this because I didn’t think it was possible. 

But I forgot how I used to feel. 

Reading back on my posts back to when I was even nineteen years old, suprised me. I’m not that much older now (twenty-two) but it’s still feels like a massive gap. I was very lost and confused about life. And well I still am. But I have learned a lot. 

This year has been massive for me. It’s been my first year out of school and education. I had my first full-time job and yes, it was media-related! Yay! My focus is primarily on production now (mostly live television) I think this is what I want to do. I am currently working on a feature film and even a tea shop on the side but hell I’ve always loved tea, it’s the perfect second job for me. I can’t imagine myself setting a career outside the creative industries. And if I do return to school, it will still be a post grad media course. I am so happy I feel I have figured it out and reading a post that mentioned how scared and unsure I was about media, I am so glad I stuck though it, because I love this crazy industry, it breaks my heart sometimes but that is the nature of anything you put all your energy and passion into.

I will blog more, this post is a mess, so much for your comeback post, liz, absolute crap effort.