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and pushed herself into space

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vintage books

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My dearest friend Rania got a Nikon D90, much thanks to her boyfriend for their 2 year anniversary. So she came over and we took some photos of er.. me. haha. i am not used to being the subject in the photo at all. Yay for me being awkward and all ^_^ btw im still working on her getting a blog, its a little tricky but my persuasive powers will rule!!

 Please check her out and here too


its not me, its you

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I could go on about the Olsen twins forever…

marykatenashley.jpg mary- kate and ashley olsen image by Emilykate_92

But today I wont. Ill behave and save your bandwidth =]

This has to be my favourite photo of Mary Kate, featured in Italian Vogue:

mary-kate-olsen-vogue-italia-02.jpg marykate olsen image by aley_marsh











😮 … ❤




taylor taylor taylor

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photos from

i found myself here.

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just came across this girls deviantart… found out shes from sydney. so i will give her work a shoutout here.

find her work here :;

and heres some of it…

check her out :;


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