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Day 8: Twenty Days

Posted in twenty days on June 16, 2010 by zabetheli

Day 8: A picture of a time in your life that’s over but you wish it wasn’t.

Just us four. Sitting on the grandstand. Cursing Year 12 and thinking it was the worst year of our lives (what we didnt realise it was one of the best years as well). I miss high school. Hating classes, complaining about homework, HSC practice papers scrunched up in our bags and only going to school to see your friends, and waiting for class to be over for that precious hour of lunch that will make your whole entire day, the single hour that will contain as much drama as a Gossip Girl episode. Ha, and we thought life was hard back then.


Day 7: Twenty Days

Posted in twenty days on June 15, 2010 by zabetheli

Day 7: A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.

yes. thats me in the white circle framed glasses. im guessing im singing corso a very happy birthday. i was most likely singing this in an oprah like manner.


Twenty Days: Day 6

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Day 6: The most recent picture of yourself.

taken three hours ago in sheryls room. i wish this wasnt my last photo but it is. so unbelievably out of focused haha!! my hair is wrapped around all wierd. I dont even know what i was doing :/

Twenty Days: Day 5

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Day 5: A picture of you truly being yourself.

This was a really hard one to choose. But ive settled with this photo of myself at Big Day Out this year.

– I look silly, which is probably a characteristic of mine.

– I am at a music festival and watching live music is something i completely adore.

– I have my dads old glasses which i popped the lens out and a red feathery masquerade and a black feather boa all at once.

– Im smiling the smile you have probably seen me have in hundreds of photos.

– My clumsiness is shown by the knot in the strap of my patrick bag, my strap broke during the mosh in the Kasabian set.


worth keeping

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Twenty Days: Day 4

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Day 4: A picture you might have edited to make yourself look more attractive.

My Photos | LOL | elizabeth

Ive never edited my photos to even out my skin or anything like that since I was too paranoid people would be able to tell, so Im lucky in that way.

This is a photo of me around three years ago, I could tell just by the posters that were on my wall at the time. What i edited? My fourth fingernail. That was not painted blue originally but the nail polish on my pinky was blue and the photo looked wierd so i edited it. No one on myspace at the time realised, or if they did they didn’t say anything so i felt like i got away with my photoshop job. Guilty.

Twenty Days: Day 3

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Day 3: A picture of you on last Christmas

Im having trouble finding actual christmas photos… but two days earlier I hosted My Pre Christmas Dinner Party, I invited all my friends and everyone brought food, and we put up lanterns and christmas lights all around the backyard and had a nice christmas dinner together. This is a photo of me and Rania fixing the food on the table. It was really nice… Ill definitely host another one this year.

and this a photo of the morning after the dinner party, with corso and joey, we had a ridiculous amount of food left to eat for breakfast. joey took care that. ah good times.