for what its worth.

your worth the hundred phone calls a day

your worth the cute instant messages

your worth the 50 cent stamp for a letter in the mail

you deserve the random trips

you deserve surprises

you deserve the sushi

you deserve the scones and tea

you deserve the ice cream and sara-lee banana cake

you deserve to be happy

even the ridiculous little photo frame if thats what makes you happy

you deserve to be more than happy

your worthy of the company of others

your worth the time

your worth remembering

your worthy to be put first

your worthy to fall hopelessly in love

your worthy of all the best things in life

you deserve it all



3 Responses to “for what its worth.”

  1. awww this is such a sweet post. this made me smile.

  2. Chuck and Blair! Sweet post.

  3. Is life is worth the trouble of living? Let me guess.

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