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even books is coming around again for its eleventh visit. i am very excited about this one.

if you want to contribute to their zine send your 101 word story to by TUES 24 NOV.

also join even books for the night on 27th NOV @ Bill and George in Redfern i will be there.

im going to start writing my story.



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wow oscar wilde was amazing looking. one of my favourite books of all time is The Picture of Dorian Gray. i was pretty excited and scared to find out that this has been made into a movie, i think colin firth is in it… im not sure. if it wasnt for the last week of uni and all these assessments and essays i would have watched it by now. ill watch it probably the day i hand in my last essay! i really hope its a good adaptation to the story. im not sure how they are going to go about it. i guess ill just wait and see. i really hope i like it and if i do i know i will still end up saying “the book is so much better” 😛



Jane was wise

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“My darling girl, this is the real world – the only way to get a man like Mr Darcy is to make him up”

I find it so comforting that a woman like Jane Austen with her wit, charm and incredible imagination was never married. Especially since she has come up with many great romances in her novels and the time she lived in. Jane Austen your my hero. you never fell under the pressure to tie yourself to another man, you made your own money with your own work and you followed your passion. Your one of the strongest women i know from that time. Thank you Miss Austen.

“Fanny you never understood the real reason why i never got married – i never found one that was worth giving up flirting for”

            Quotes by Miss Austen Regrets.



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hello my pretties,

i just want to share something that i found that made me smile this morning… hope it makes you smile too

Predatorial Ballons by ~frowzivitch on deviantART

^^^ please go take a look at other work, you wont regret it!

frowzivitch has a wicked sense of imagination and humour. i love how odd and awkward the characters look. =]

best expressions ever.


love is blind.

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love opens up a door of confusion and leaves us running blind.

and nevertheless of the warnings we are given, we are all trying to get a hold of it.

and if we our lucky to capture it. we are all trying to keep it as long as we can, with everything we have, we hold onto it until our hands bleed from our firm grip.

and sometimes the grip we have hurts so much that we just let go.

and we all pretty much try anything to get it back again.

and the cycle continues.

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diana f+

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i got my Diana F+ yesterday and i cant stop looking at it. ive been wanting it for so long and i finally have it!

its one pretty camera. oh the joys and adventures we are going to have! ^_^ its going to take me a while to actually get use to analogue again. im reading the instruction manual so i dont stuff up! multiple exposure photos look nifty but i can just tell im going take a while to actually get that right.

i dont have time to take my new diana out today since im stuck on my computer doing my Culture assessment. but when i do and i get it developed i will happily blog my amateur lomo photos up here.

and once i get the hang of it i will have my eye on the fish eye lens! yaya


agyness deyn =]

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